Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Why We Prefer Internet! Why?

Mm mm...What is that? I just can't remember, no problem let's search it on internet!
What is the diameter of Earth or What is the number of chromosomes present in human cell? Don't know again, let's search it on Internet or let's do Goggling.

So here is the answer of the question that is "Why we prefer Internet?" You can ask to the search bar that is few inches long in size. It contains every thing that you can imagine and also that you can't, and the best part is no one can even know you have searched that except Larry Page!(Who is this guy? Search it Folks!)

Sometime, you will also get shock that ooh! there are also idiots like me who have searched it.
The best part for what everyone loves internet is the thing of uncertainty. Don't believe! if you wanted to test this thing just make yourself detached from the internet for just six month and then comeback. You will find your self stranger.

There might be some other reasons:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Your School or College assignment!
  • Email
  • YouTube
  • and many more that if I try to enlist them you will loose your mouse wheel key and I will certainly loose my Keyboard's Enter button.

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