Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Top 5 Search Engines of the World (2010-Now)

Search Engines are spotlight over the enormous content of the web, without it you will never find your required things or information on web!
Which search engines are best and popular all over the world?
So, let’s look over my new “List of Top 5 Search Engines of the World” and you will be able to answer this!

1. Google : One thing that everyone knows “If you want to find something you should search it on Google. 

One joke    
Wife: listen honey, Baby is missing from its cradle! 
Husband: Have you Search on Google? 

So it deserves number one!

2. Yahoo! : Another most used Search engine owned by Yahoo Inc.

The home page contains lots of activity unlike that very simple home page of Google.

3.   Bing    : You talk anything related to Computer definitely you have to take name of Microsoft Corp. Bing is search engine from Microsoft Corp. Bing is a replacement of search engine MSN also owned by Microsoft Corp.

According to the deal established between Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. In near future Bing will     take over Yahoo search Engine.

Don’t get surprised if you found ‘powered by Bing’ below the Yahoo search bar.

4. Baidu  : You wil be surprised if you are not from China. Baidu is a search engine from Chinese company Baidu inc. and most popular in China. It offers to search web in Chinese language.

5. Ask     : Typically based on Q &A based search. If you have any questions search it on Ask.com as the name indicates. Ask search engine comes at the fifth position.
  1. Wikipedia
  2. hitwise.com 
  3. seoconsultants.com

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