Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Top 5 Bogging Sites of the World

To blog becomes somewhat  necessary for everyone but where to start may be a question for beginners! So here is the solution.
On the base of popularity, features and ease of use I have created a list of  Top 5 Bogging Website of the world 
I hope you will like it!

1 Wordpress
   To blog on Wordpress is however somewhat difficult to setup, but it is very effective and creative blogging site. Select your theme from very large collection. With little experience you will definitely find it very handy.

2 Blogger
   Owned by Google Blogger.com is the best site to setup blog. It takes 10 minutes to setup your blog and to start posting. It's easy, it's simple.

   It's very effective way to blog but you have to pay little amount of $5 per month to blog.Since it is paid service you will also be benefited like unique100s of beautiful designs and professional support.

4 Tumblr
Just three column to fill to start your post. Its fusion of twitter and blogging site. Fun to use and post.

5 Posterous
Want to blog more simply. Here once you have registered, just send an email to the site and your post will be published. you can also share your photos,videos with your family or friends.

What! don't found your site here! let me to know. Give your comments and I will definitely do something to enhance the list.

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