Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Make your Own 3D world!

Want to capture a 3d picture like this? It's very easy and fun to do, and with the help of your own normal digital camera!
Sound interesting but it will be fun when you do it.

Three easy steps to create your own 3D images.
     1.  Capture the image:
  • To create 3D images you will need two images taken separately at 2.5 inch distance.
  • Take one picture and then in same position take the another picture after placing your camera 2.5 inch left from its current position.
  • label the first image as Right image and the another as Left image both image work as different view as our mind gets from our eyes and merge that picture so, we get the real 3-Dimensional view.
     2.  Download the Software Anaglyph maker

     3.  Create 3D-picture
  • Run the software
  • click on "load right image" and select right image from the computer do same for left image.
  • click on create 3D image button and Bingo! Your own 3D image,  share it with friend.

  • Capture both images with same pose.
  • Try first on none moving objects
  • Use stand to capture images.
  • capture three images or more from different distance like 1.0, 1.2 inch up to 2.5 inch and load each successively until best effect.
  • Adjust the distance of red and cyan layers using software,wear 3D specs. so it will help you lot to correct the distance of layers.

Images I have generated using this method


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