Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Top 5 Cell phone Companies of the World

There are so many mobile manufacturer companies but Who are the Top 5?
Have  a look on this list Top 5 Cell phone Companies of the World.
And you will be able to answer it!

1 Nokia
  There is no doubt about this. Average 4 mobile phones used out of 10 are Nokia manufactured. This Finnish company having around 40% of mobile market share

2 Samsung
  With a cool wide range of  mobile handsets Samsung is on second position. Galaxy tab launched by samsung spread a new tech wave in industry.

3 Motorolla
  6,35,000 handsets have been sold by motorolla during 2001-2010.
Motorolla with its wide US market comes to number Third

4 LG
  After a lot struggle LG however managed its position to number four and day by day its brand value is increasing especially in Indian and US markets.

5 Sonny Ericsson
  Joint venture of Sony and Ericsson produces good range of mobile handsets. Sony Ericsson is well known for its music and speaker quality

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UPDATE (30 Nov, 2011):
List always changes as the market, the new updated list is as below:

3. LG
5. ZTE

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