Monday, 26 December 2011

Hollywood Copied From Bollywood- A feed back

Today in News paper I have found that one video of Jennifer Lopez is watched around 457 million times (!!) on You Tube.
I just got astonished by this news and just turned on my PC to check it out, but then I got another shock at the time of watching the video.
The Music that flows very smoothly through out the video is a Copied version from one of the popular Indian Song released in 1990 even the lyrics are arranged in that manner!
Here I am posting both the video. Believe me both are fantastic.

The said original One! 

and the real one!
Just decide how it is!
I think this is the feedback from the Hollywood that "hey Bollywood we also can copy from you! So be aware while coping from Hollywood.
So, here I think is the another headache for the story writer of Bollywood (Now they have to check it twice before copying it!)

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