Friday, 25 November 2011

How to download files via BitTorrent CLIENT

What Is BitTorrent ? If you know then go ahead or take a look at this Wikipage

Tired from those File sharing websites, and want to download files without using your credit card or interruption!
Here is the solution!

Things you will require: -
  1. A good torrent Client: Download it from here, Install it.
  2. A Search engine for live torrent:


  • Open the
  • Search for your desired File (Movie, Songs etc.)
  • From the list click on highest seed number containing output.
  • You will be provided another list showing many websites names.
  • Click on any website
  • On that website try to search for word “torrent”, “Download torrent file” etc., and click on it.
  • Download will be start. Usually the torrent file is of few KB in size and should take less then few seconds.
  • Open that file using the torrent client.
  • Click on OK button and your download will be started.
  • Enjoy!

WARNING: Some files may contain copyright protection and some contains viruses (Try to avoid it!)

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